MTM MODELE build pattern sets in wood, plywood, resin / laminates, aluminum or polystyrene. All patterns are manufactured in 5 axis CNC machines using the latest computer design software. Production can be carried out in each dimensional tolerance class level depending on the customer’s requirements without limitation in size.

Dimensional tolerances of the full pattern sets are constructed in accordance with PN-EN 12890:2002

MTM Modele also deals with repair and renovation works as well as modifications to the existing models

The Company MTM MODELE Sp. z o. o. also offers model sets made of wood (such as pinewood or alder wood), wood-based materials made with the application of innovative technology with enhanced life cycle

Mould patterns manufactured with the application of this technology are characterised by 20% longer life cycle and the following utility features:

  • higher dimensional stability,
  • better protection of the surface against mechanical damage, also in the course of casting and removing the patterns from the moulds,
  • resistance to weather conditions and to moisture in the air (decreased swelling and deformation of wooden models in damp air),
  • better securing against technological factors,reduced deformation of models caused by unilateral dampness of liquid components of moulding masses (resin, liquid glass, esters, acids, etc.),
  • increased durability of the models (wood) to erosive action of sand casting.